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  Glass & Glazing Materials

Heswall Glass stocks a wide range of glass products and accessories with the ability to cut glass while you wait.

Picture Glass

Heswall Glass stock two types of glass suitable for picture frames; clear and non-reflective glass. The non-reflective glass helps reduce the impact of the glare of the sun when it is directly shining on to the picture, thus enabling the picture to be viewed.

Horticultural Glass/ Greenhouse Glass

Heswall Glass stock glass suitable for the use in greenhouses, cole frames and sheds. We stock standard sizes at 610mm x 610mm (24”x 24”) and 730mm x 1420mm (28 ¾” x 56”). If you require a size different
we will gladly cut the glass to suit your requirements while you wait.

Window Glass

Heswall Glass are able to supply 4mm and 6mm glass for single glazed windows. We stock clear glass and a variety of figured glass to suit your requirements.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is to be used in doors or other dangerous areas as per Building Regulations. We stock clear laminated glass which can be cut to size while you wait. We are also able to provide you with toughened glass in clear glass or any of Pilkington’s patterned glass; however this needs to be ordered as it is all made to specification.

Double Glazed Units

Double glazed units are made to measure and the cavity size of the double glazed unit can be from 6mm up to 20mm. A double glazed unit needs to be ordered and can take between 3-7 working days depending on the make up of the unit. An oversized double glazed unit (over 2 meters x 2 meters) can take up to three weeks.

Glazing Accessories

Heswall Glass stock arbolite putty for wood and metal frames and butyl glazing compound for glazing double glazed units into timber frames. All these are available in bucket form and in various sizes. Heswall Glass also stock Polymer Putty which is used for steel and painted timber frames, this comes in cartridge form for use with a skeleton gun.

Do you need some new tools to enable you to glaze?

Heswall Glass keep putty knifes and glass cutters on stock. If you require any other tools please contact us. Almost all glazing tools are available with a 24-48 hour delivery. 

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